My village Kunhil ( कुन्हील ), a beautiful place to live in on this earth

When people used to see the photographs of my home and village, they amazed and asked me the details of it. How to reach there, spoken language, food and other lot of questions they had. I used to explain them but I had no specific pictures and video to show them. Last week, I made a casual video while walking in the village and taken some pictures so uploaded to YouTube and showing you.

My village, a beautiful place, where it is?

My village name is Kunhil(कुन्हील) and it is located in the district Almora of Uttarakhand state of India. It is approximately 250 KM far from Delhi (Capital of India). It is a hilly area and great Himalaya mountain range is clearly visible from this place. So this beautiful place is located in the hilly area of north India.

Here is the video of my village. 

As you can see in the video, the awesome view of nature is everywhere. You need not to go anywhere to enjoy but just stand anywhere and enjoy the beauty of the nature. No pollution at all, fresh water, fresh air, fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, fresh milk products, in short, everything is fresh and pure. Natural beauty with awesome climate will amaze you. 

How to reach?

Well, i am sure,after watching the video of my village you are planning to visit this enchanting place.Regular buses are available from Delhi (Anand vihar terminal). You can travel approximately first 200 KM by train (From Delhi to Ramnagar) and then you will need to go by bus. You can hire taxi from Ramnagar. So if you do not wish to travel by bus then either hire the taxi from Delhi itself for the full journey or travel by train up to Ramanager and then hire taxi from Ramnagar.

What type of climate is there? Hot or cold?

Only 2 months of winter season (December and January) are cold. In these 2 months’ temperature can go to -1 or -2 but not lower that.  Other than December and January month, there is pleasant weather throughout the year. However, you need to carry a pullover with you even in summer season because this is a hilly area and when it is raining then temperature goes down.

What is the best time or month to visit there?

All time and months are best to visit there. If you are going in summer, then a unique and awesome weather welcomes you. Local famous fruits will be ripening up and you can enjoy them on the trees. If you visit in winter (December and January) then can enjoy the snowfall too. If you visit in another month (Jul to October) then will have the privileges to enjoy the different types of vegetables and fruits.

Each and every moment will be memorable for you. The lifestyle of the people and their daily routine work and their sweet, honest and polite way of talking will make you visit a memorable time for life.

More about Kunhil

Kunhil comes under the famous area called Manila (मानिला) in Salt(सल्ट) block of district Almora in Uttarakhand state of India.
Peoples are very honest,hardworking,helping and friendly. population is not much because most of the peoples are migrated to metro cities where they went in search of employment. These migrated peoples often visit their village when they are free especially in summer season when summer holidays are going on. The peoples residing there are either in government jobs or running retail shops or farmers.

The below picture shows the houses and animals in front of a house

Traditional houses made of stones and wood and animal in front of houses
Agricultural is the main work for almost all the peoples who are residing there. For farming, ox is used to plough the farm. The below picture shows the instrument used to plough the farm and in video you can see how the farm is getting ploughed with the pair of ox.
Since this is a hill area so the land is not plain so the farms are one after another like stairs. Viewing the farms in my village is one of the best experience itself which will force you to visit there again and again. Believe me watching the video of farm ploughing is a wonderful and enchanting experience and you would also want to have this experience.

Traditional instrument of farming with OX
If you are planning to visit there, then do not worry about other best places to see there. The 20 KM area around my village is full of amazing and enchanting view.

I cannot write all the speciality of this place so If you need more information about my village Kunhil (कुन्हील), then write in the below comment section. I will be happy to guide you.

Authored By Naveen Pandey

I love outing with my friends.Try to visit and see new places.I am a easy going person and live and enjoy my life at its fullest.
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