Manila (मानिला),uttarakhand - Beautiful and Supernatural place to see and feel

Manila Mandir intro

Manila is a very beautiful hill station in uttarakhand state of india.this place does not appear in the search results on the internet when search for places which are suggested for holidays.

Manila comes under the Almora district of uttarakhand state in covers 15-20 Km. area which is lush green and full of wildlife.the place is not only surrounded by mountains but lives on mountains.

The first thing which will you notice and amaze and attract you that is Himalaya (हिमालय).Himalaya view is amazing,exiceting and divine which makes you feel the real identity of this place.

Your eyes will forget to blink and lips will keep saying  wow …

Before we move ahead about exploring Manila , let us see the picture of Manilla mandir by which this place is known as Manila.

This picture is very old and said to be taken around 1960 but i can not prove it right or wrong but yes , this is the oldest picture of Manila mandir we have. 

Oldest picture of Manila Mandir

Old picture of Manila mandir

and the below is the present picture of Manila Mandir.

Manila mandir present picture

Now , about the Manila.

The first glimpse of Manila will prove you that you are at right place. Welcome !

The great Himalaya is at  approximately 10 Km. air distance from Manila and the full range of Himalaya is visible so from left to right 180 degree view is of snow covered mountains and the other hills of Himalaya range.infact all the hills of this place are  a part of Himalaya and full of herbal plants.

Everything you see or feel is clean and fresh. Clear blue sky, pollution free fresh air with plenty of oxygen to breath in ,natural mineral water which tastes great,peacefull environment, voice of birds and other wild animals .

This is the place to feel the nature. However this place is well connected by road but the public transport is limited.the bus timings are fixed and very well known to the residents of this place and enough for their daily needs.since traffic is very limited so no air or noise pollution because of the traffic.

Everyone have some basic questions about a new place if planning holidays. i will try to answer all of these.

Why to visit Manila?

Well, Manila is a peaceful hill region with lush greens mountains. The great Himalaya view is awesome and the real experience of living in hills can be felt here.sit anywhere alone ,listen the music of nature and see the colorful plants,trees,beautiful homes ,the chain of mountains one after another everything you see will fill you with seamless joy and change your mind to the real purpose of life. You will talk to yourself and try to find out the purpose of the life .you have no cycle,motor bike,auto ricksaw to move around so you have the only option to walk in and this is best thing about this place.

You will wonder that even after covering a distance of 2-3 km. there is no feeling of tiredness or energy loss. Every step you take will be more energetic and full of joy and energy. You are alone or with friends or relatives ,every second you spend their will be a lifetime memory and unforgettable time for you.

Imagine that you are just standing road side and there is series of mountains in front of you. These mountains are full of long green trees and some homes are there and a visible way to reach these home. 1 or 2 peoples are going to their homes by these narrow ways.somewhere very far on the second mountain which is on the top of the first one someone is calling to his son to come to home to take the cows to the forest for grazing.3 or 4 different types of birds voice is coming to your ears.the snow is sinning on the mountains of Himalaya. You think to reach to Himalaya but then realize that there are a number of mountains before Himalaya which you go through to reach the Himalaya.

Then you start counting the mountains 1,2,3….8 and then you start thinking the distance of Himalaya from you and guess that it is around 10 km if you go by air. Suddenly you hear a sound from the bushes and notice that something is look carefully and make a guess that rabbits can be there.

A big smiles comes to your lips and excited you when you see a pair of white rabbits playing in their start walking to the street and every step delights you. Wherever you go and whatever you see will be a magical and lifelong memory.

Manila Mandir (मानिला मंदिर) is the famous and oldest temple there by which name this place is known as Manila. There are 2 temples with same name one is called manna manila mandir and other talla manila mandir or only manila mandir. Talla manila mandir is the oldest and famous for its blessings. A lot of very old sayings are there about this temple and these stories will amaze you.a very divine feel you experience when you enter this temple.

Each and every moment of Manila will change your thinking about life and make you feel the beauty of nature. But yes, if you are willing to go this place for only photo shoot or need a luxury party type facilities then it is advised not to go there.

This is my home.

When to visit Manila?

The summer season is best to visit Manila. However, you can visit any season there but in summer season you can explore more because of the wonderful climate. April to October is the best time to visit. However, if you wish to enjoy the snow fall and love winter season then December and January month will be best. 25 December to 15 January is the most possible time for snow fall. 

How to reach Manila?

Manila is at a distance of 300 Km from Delhi and well connected by road.Moradabad,Kashipur and Ramnagar are 3 main cities between Delhi and Manila. There are 2 ways to reach Manila. First one is by road and second one by train. 
By Road: 
If you prefer public transport then direct buses are available from Delhi to manila or vice versa. Every day 7:00 PM from anand vihar interstate bus terminal bus departs for manila and reach there 5 AM next day. This is the best option and local residents of this place prefer this public transport. You can opt other options if not willing to travel in night. Another option is, take the bus from Anand vihar interstate bus terminal for any intermediate city. Preferably for ramnagar. For Ramanagar after every 2 hour and for Moradabad after every 1 hour bus service is available. So get any bus and reach to ramanagar.from Ramnagar buses and cab/taxy are available for manila. 
If you have your own vehicle or prefer to hire the taxi, then it will take around 6 hours to reach Ramanagar (from Delhi) and then another 2 hours for Manila.
By Train: you can complete your 70% journey by train since train root is available up to Ramnagar only.then you need to catch public transport or cab from there for Manila. There are 2 trains scheduled to run every day ,one is at 16:00 PM and another 10:00 PM from delhi. It’s a 5-hour journey. from Ramnagar ,one departs at 09:50 AM and another 10:00 PM to delhi. Delhi station code is DLI and Ramanager station code is RMR. these station codes will be needed when searching or booking the tickets through website.
What is the hotels or restaurants availability in Manila?
You can get the hotels very easily there. No need for any prior booking. The hotels are not so luxurious so are not costly. You will get north indian food both veg and non veg. there are 2 places where you can choose to is Dotiyal which is the start point of Manila and another one 4 Km ahead of it known as puriyachauda.puriya chauda will be best to stay as it is just in front of great Himalaya. 

How safe is Manila?

Manila is one of the best place of india in terms of safety and security. Peoples are so nice and humble and no kind of crimes are there. You can go anywhere anytime without any fear .

If you have any question or wish to know more about any topic, then write in the below comment section.


Authored By Pankaj Lakhchaura

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