An exciting tour of Delhi zoo (National Zoological Park, Delhi)

Everyone must have visited the zoo located in the different part of countries. If you have not visited the Delhi zoo also called National Zoological Park, Delhi then this blog will take you to a thrilling and hilarious tour of Delhi zoo.

Know all about Delhi zoo

It has been more than 15 years to me in Delhi and still have not seen a lot of places which attracts to a lot of peoples of Delhi and outsiders both. A true fact about most of the people is, The place where we live is the most ignorant place for us and we take everything for granted and do not care much whereas we try to learn lot of things about other places and wish to feel and visit to these places which are far from us. Most probably, this is because we think that the nearby places can be seen or visited anytime but the places or things which are far away from us need special planning to visit. Though the nearby places need not any special arrangement to make and can be approached on any weekend and can be enjoyed without taking any leave from our work or offices and without spending much money still our brain keep ticking about thinking of places which are far away from us and do not search the possibility of finding nearby places which are dream destinations of a lot of peoples.

Last week, I gave a thought of visiting my nearby places and pressurized my brain to think of the places which are well known places of Delhi and still not seen by me. Delhi Zoological Park was one of them which was waiting my arrival for so many years. I made up my mind and planned the visit for the same weekend.

Wait was over, it was a beautiful Saturday with clear sky. Since this was the winter season but winters are not yet on peak, so it was an awesome whether that day. My car was packed with my family members and we reached to the destination much earlier than expected (actually I was expecting heavy traffic on the way but that day I found no rush on roads). I parked my car in the parking area and headed to the ticket counter. Tickets prices were very economical, for the adult it was Rupees (INR) 40 and for kids above 5 years age, it was INR 30. No charges for children below 5 years of age. After having a formal security check-in at the main entrance gate of the zoo, we entered to the National Zoological Park or zoo of Delhi. Now we had just entered the zoo and have only mobile phone, wallet and a small bag. Poly bags, food items and other restricted and heavy items are not allowed inside zoo. Digital camera (DSLR) are allowed.

It was spread in much bigger area than what I had expected. I have seen 3-4 zoo’s in different cities before this but the area it covers is much larger than is a pure forest where animals are kept in the manmade boundaries to keep them safe from human (and to human from animals too of course) .

Just 50 feet ahead of the entrance gate and on the way inside zoo, we saw Black Swan enjoying and swimming in the was a really a stress relieving moment to see them floating on the water. We spent around 20 minutes there before moving ahead.

Black swan swimming in Delhi zoo

Brief introduction of black swan (काला हंस)

Black swan ( काला हंस ) is an Australian large bird also called water bird who lives in water and land both. Its body is covered with black feathers, and beak is of orange red colour. Black swan is bigger in size than duck and has a long neck. Adult black swan has a length between 42 to 56 inch and weight is between 3 to 9 kilograms. While swimming on water, it keeps its leg above the surface of water and fold in opposite (towards sky) direction so black swan floats on water instead of swimming. However sometimes it is seen swimming in a proper way when leg are inside the water. Black swan makes nest to keep their eggs and nest is built in either land or floated water. Black swan are vegetarian by diet. Black swan lives up to the age of 40 years.

Watch the below video of black swan which I have uploaded to YouTube channel. 

On the way ahead, around 30 to 40 peoples were watching in the same direction inside of a high wall boundary, which gave me a sense of something interesting there.
Yes, it was white tiger there. Tiger was walking on a fixed path of approximately 15 meter as if we have a morning walk. I was hoping a healthy and roaring white tiger but it was looking weak, however his walking speed was good and so was active.

Brief introduction of white tiger

White tiger is same as Bengal tiger but with white fur. White tiger are found in India in the areas of Assam, West Bengal and Bihar. They can grow up to 3 meters in length and weight can be between 200 and 300 kilograms. Like Bengal tigers, white tiger’s age limit is 18 to 20 years. White tigers are non-vegetarian and hunts animals like deer, boar and other medium size animals like water buffalo etc. 

Watch the video of white tiger uploaded to the YouTube channel.

It was good to see that at every 200 meters there are public conveniences available. Washrooms for ladies and gents are clean enough. Drinking water and washrooms are a mandatory requirements of all seasons for this place because almost 3-4 hours will take to have a full tour of this zoo and it is not possible to stay there without water and public conveniences.
Now on my left side ahead, some peoples were standing and watching inside a fence. I started recording the video and found a marsh crocodile. Crocodile was relaxing and enjoying the sunlight heat.

Brief introduction of Marsh Crocodile ( पंकिल मगर   )

Marsh crocodile is also known as Mugger crocodile and found in India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and Nepal, the southern tip of Iran and probably in Indo-China. Marsh crocodile can be 3.5 to 5 meter in length and weight can be 100 to 200 kg. Marsh crocodile can live up to the age of 40 to 50 years. Marsh or Mugger crocodile is non-vegetarian animal and eats Fishes, young turtles, insects and frog etc. but in zoo its dies are fishes around 1.5 kg daily.

Delhi zoo is a great place to visit if you are looking for a place to enjoy the natural beauty and at the same time having the privileges to know about different and rare animals, birds and reptiles. I have seen a lot of couples who were there to celebrate their marriage anniversary. Of course, Delhi zoo is one of the best place to enjoy and visit if you are looking a place to visit in the Delhi NCR in the occasion of your marriage anniversary or birthday etc. You can visit this place anytime but in my opinion, winter season (Nov to Feb) is best because in summer season you cannot walk or stay for 3-4 hours in the temperature of more than 40 degree Celsius. However facilities are very good inside the zoo, water and public conveniences are available at every 200 meters and one shop of different type of beverages is there in the mid of forest so if you are going in summer season then should not face any problem except the temperature.

This post is going too long so I will keep it short now and tell you the basic and important things which you need to know to plan a visit of this place.

What is the Delhi zoo location?

Delhi zoo is located in the middle of the city , the nearby well known places are Pragati maidan, Delhi hight court ,Purana Qila, Humayun’s tomb etc. the exact address is Mathura Rd, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, Delhi 110003

How to reach Delhi zoo?

You can reach Delhi zoo by public transportation as well as by your own vehicles. Multiple options are there for transportation. If you are living in Delhi or NCR then either choose Metro train or bus to reach there or if you prefer your private vehicle then can have a comfortable ride to Delhi zoo. The nearest metro station is Pragati Maidan and nearest Bus stop is just at the zoo. If your bus route is not passing by zoo then you can get down at Delhi high court bust stop and from here zoo is at walking distance (around 500 meters)
If you are living in other part of India and travelling by bus then you come to Maharana pratap, ISBT or Kashmiri gate and then take bus or auto to Delhi zoo. Alternatively you can come to Sarai Kaley Khan Bus Terminal which is just 5 km away from Delhi zoo. If planning to travel by train then come to Hazrat Nizamuddin railway station. 
If your bus or train is not coming to the above destinations then do not worry. You can reach to any place in Delhi and from there you will get transportation very easily to the zoo. Bus, Auto and train all are available. Since Delhi zoo is well known picnic spot too so if you are planning to come by your private vehicle then do not worry about the way, everyone knows about it and anyone can guide you to the zoo way.

Is parking available at Delhi zoo?

Parking is easily available at Delhi zoo. Parking space is enough for four wheeler and two wheeler both. If you are going in a large group in a vehicle like bus then also parking space is enough.

Entry is free or paid in Delhi zoo?

Delhi zoo entry is not present, the adult ticket price is INR 40 and children’s above 5 years of age ticket price is INR 30. Children’s below the age of 5 years has no ticket so entry is free for them. The ticket is valid for whole day.

What is the timing to enter in the zoo?

Zoo opens at 09:30 AM (Indian standard time) and closed at 06:00 PM. however zoo timing is 09:00 AM to 06:00 PM but entry is not allowed after 04:00 PM. So you have to enter in the zoo before 04:00 PM and once you are inside the zoo then you can stay there till 06:00 PM.

What items are allowed to carry inside the zoo with visitors?

You can carry mobile, purse, wallet, digital camera (DSLR), baby food and carry bag made of cloth or other type of fabric. Plastic bags are not allowed inside the zoo. Food items including beverages are not allowed inside the zoo. Plastic bags are not allowed so if you are carrying something in plastic bags then think of other options. If you have a baby then the milk bottle or other baby food items ar allowed to carry inside the zoo.

Food items are available inside the zoo?

No. inside the zoo ,food items are not available. There is no shop inside the zoo except one shop who keeps only beverages , tea and coffee.However food shops are there just before entering the zoo so before entering the zoo or after having the tour of zoo you can have the shops provides the fast food items. 

What type of picnic spot is Delhi zoo?

Delhi zoo is a must go place for all age groups and in all occasions.3 to 4 hours of stay in a very peaceful and calm environment with the different types of birds, animals and reptiles can attract to any a busy life if you spend some time inside the zoo then that can be memorable time of your life. If you are looking for a picnic spot in Delhi NCR to celebrate the birthday then it’s a good choice. If you are looking for a place in Delhi NCR to celebrate your marriage anniversary then it’s a great choice too. If you are a group of family or friends and looking for a great place for outing then this is the best place for in short, if you are looking for a picnic spot and never visited the Delhi zoo then it’s the best picnic spot for all the occasions and age groups.

Watch the full tour video of Delhi zoo uploaded to YouTube channel.

Authored By Pankaj Lakhchaura

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