Good news, smart phone users can use their broadband Wi-Fi for voice calling

Yes,This facility is coming soon in india.

In India, for a long time, mobile phone users are suffering from bad call quality, call drop and slow internet speed even after introducing the 4G technology. Voice call quality is not improving after so many guidelines and instruction of TRAI and judiciary. Call drop and connecting issue to the other network has been a permanent issue which is unfortunately accepted by the public and government as an irony.
Broadband is expending with a rapid rate in India and almost all of the telecom operators are providing free voice calling facility with the internet. Broadband consumers can take the advantage of free calling but only at home or office with the phone attached to the broadband modem or router. However broadband comes with Wi-Fi facility and consumers can call within a range of 10-20 meters with their connected phones or with wireless phones but not from the mobile phone or smart phone. There was a wish of every broadband user to use this voice calling facility from their mobile phone so that they can take the full advantage of this facility.

Are you a broadband user ? now connect your smart phone to broadband Wi-Fi for voice calling

Yes, this is true. TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) had recommended this proposal last year (Oct, 2017), and has now been approved by the Telecom Commission of India.

How this will work? All you need to know to connect your smart phone to broadband Wi-Fi for voice calling

Excited to know?  Let us tell you all what you need to know.

When we talk about calling through broadband Wi-Fi that means your smart phone no more need to have a SIM because your phone was using SIM to provide you the calling and internet facility, Since a smart phone has the Wi-Fi facility and can catch the broadband Wi-Fi signal and so provides you the internet facility directly so the smart phone do not need to have the SIM for internet. In a similar way, using the broadband Wi-Fi, smart phone can make voice calls without having the SIM but to avail this facility you need to take some simple steps. 
You need to download the internet telephony app from the app store (such as google play store for android and app store for IOS) and install in your smart phone. This app should be of the same telecom operator who is providing you the broadband. Now you will get a 10-digit number that will be similar to any mobile number. Once you have this 10-digit number, all you need to do is connect your smart phone to the broadband connection via Wi-Fi and make calls using the app.

Now a simple question,What to do if the telecom operators of smart phone SIM and broadband are different?

If this is the case then there is no need to worry. In any case, you will download the app of the broadband operator and this operator will provide you the 10 digit number to call via its broadband network. If the telecom operators are same then your mobile number will be treated as this 10 digit number (no new 10 digit number needed to call) and if operators are different then the new 10 digit numbers will be used to call.

Hope this is a great news if you are one of those who is having free unlimited voice calling facility with your broadband.
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Authored By Pankaj Lakhchaura

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