How to get the UTR or unique transaction reference number of HDFC bank transactions

This information may be crucial for someone who needs the UTR number in urgent situation and needs this first time when transferring money with HDFC bank.

Know UTR number of NEFT or RTGS payment

Let me share my experience when i needed the UTR number last week.I had to make the registry of my flat and the lawyer asked me transfer the stamp duty amount to the SHCIL (Stock Holding Corporation of India Limited) bank account online and share the UTR number. I have had the impression that this number should be mentioned in the receipt generated by the bank website after the successful money transfer either through NEFT or RTGS. Since I was not in the situation to take any risk so I searched the UTR on search engine like google to clear my doubts.All the search results showed me the same information that after the successful money transfer the UTR will be mentioned in the receipt of this I was confident enough and after transferring the amount , the receipt generated by the bank website has a reference number of 16 digits and I shared this number with my lawyer.Since my lawyer was waiting for this number so he immediately went to the concerned department and showed this number for processing but lawyer was not happy when he got the information that this is not the UTR number.

What is UTR or Unique Transaction reference number?

This is the unique number generated after a successful NEFT/RTGS transfer. This number cannot be duplicate, each bank has to follow some guidelines set by RBI to generate this unique number, and one of the rule is that the first four characters will be the identification code of the bank. For example, state bank of India generates the UTR no. with SBIN as the first four characters and HDFC bank with HDFC. Therefore, the UTR number of SBI will start with SBIN and HDFC bank with HDFC. Each country has its different rules to generate UTR number so it is specific to the country.

How to know the UTR or unique transaction reference number after a NEFT or RTGS transaction

All the banks are forced to generate the UTR number to track the transaction inside the country. However, they internally manage another transaction reference number and display in the transaction receipt so it’s confusing to understand that which reference number is UTR number.Since HDFC bank, do not mention the UTR number in the transaction receipt so specifically telling the process for HDFC bank. If you look at the transaction receipt of HDFC bank then it has another reference number.

HDFC bank displays the UTR number in the bank account statements so follow the below steps to see the UTR number.

Step 1: Login to HDFC bank account. On the first screen, you will see the account shows the total available balance and just ahead of the amount, there is an arrow to click.

HDFC account summary and Total available balance amount

Step 2: Click the arrow and it will show the account details and a button with name View will appear in front of the available balance amount as marked in the below screen.

Detail of account statement

Step 3: Click the view button. It will show you the account statement. Notice the area marked in the red color (Cheque/ref no.), this is the UTR number of your transaction.

Get the UTR number of your NEFT or RTGS transaction

i have made a video and uploaded to YouTube so that this information can be shared in video format too. The below is the video.

Hope this information can save someone’s time and money.

Authored By Pankaj Lakhchaura

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